Orthodox America

  Read the Scriptures

    God in His mercy gave us the Holy Scriptures that we might read them, and reading them we might fulfill what is sent by God to man, revealing His Holy Will and teaching us how to live. Consider with what attention and willingness then we ought to read God's letter to us. If an earthly king...wrote to you a letter, would you not read it with great joy? Certainly, with great rejoicing and careful attention. The King of Heaven has sent a letter to you, an earthly and mortal man; yet you almost despise such a gift, so priceless a treasure. Whenever you read the Gospel, Christ Him self is speaking to you. And while you read, you are praying and talking with Him. God speaks to man, the King of Heaven talks with the corruptible creature, the Lord holds converse with the servant. What can be more pleasant...more instructive?...

    "Listen diligently, reflect on what is read, and endeavor to put these words into practice. The word of God was not given to us in order that it should repose in writing on paper, but that we might use it spiritually, that we might be illumined, led into the way of truth and salvation, correct our manners, and live according to its rules in this world and do things well-pleasing to God." 

-- St. Tikkon of Zadonsk