Orthodox America

  God's Language

by Lauren Sauter

What strange language is this?
With its enchanting syllables,
And its exotic sounds?
Can it be, has it finally been found?
Is it Yes! It is indeed,
The Language of God
After years of searching,
And defeat, time after time again;
The Language has been found
Indeed, it took no more searching,
Then going to Church takes trouble.
The Search was so hard,
And yet, the Heart and Soul needed only to be opened
In truth, the Search would have been simple,
Had Belief only been apart of it.
But it makes no difference now,
For the Language has been found
And guess where it was,
During all those years of searching:
It was in my Heart, with my Savior,
Inside of me, all the time.

Lauren, 14, is a parishioner at St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Washington, D.C. She became an Orthodox Christian at age 10.

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