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  In every endeavor ask the help of God

Up to now the devil incessantly fights against man, and endeavors to lead him into sin, and to trap him in his snares. The temptations of the world surround him and entice him, and evil custom or habit draws him likewise. Hence we see that many begin to repent and live well, but are drawn off the good path and corrupted again.

      And we cannot begin a good and Christian life, then, and live as Christians even to the end, without the almighty help of God. Those who test themselves know all this. For this reason the Lord says, Without Me ye can do nothing (Jn. 15:5). At every hour and minute, then, we need the help of God. For this reason, O Christian, when you wish to live piously and be a true Christian and so be saved, pray to God incessantly and beg help of Him with fervor. Just as according to His love for man God commanded as to pray and ask of Him every good thing, He also promised to give us what we ask for, and most of all what is needful for our salvation.

      Pray fervently, then, to Christ the Lord and give yourself to Him for direction, and He will correct and guide you to eternal life and blessedness according to His love for man. -- Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk Journey to Heaven

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