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 Bulgarian Hierarchs Repent 

    The July 20 issue of the official Bulgarian Orthodox weekly, Tsurkoven vestnik, carries an important statement by six members of the Orthodox Holy Synod. It takes stock of the situation of the Church, both past and present, and the signatories frankly admit the commission of "personal, direct and indirect transgressions" before the collapse of the former totalitarian social structure. "In repentant prayer," they state, "we appeal to inexhaustible Christian divine love for forgiveness of sinful actions permitted by us through our feebleness..."
     In particular, they declare that they had incorrectly assessed the Christian values and methods which motivated Fr. Hristofor Subev, whose Committee for the Defense of Religious Rights they had opposed, recommending that the state authorities should refuse to register it.
Keston News Servrice 8/9/90