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 From the Holy Fathers on...RAISING CHILDREN 

      Hear this, ye fathers and mothers, that your bringing up of children shall not lose its reward....It was on account of his children that Eli perished. For he ought to have admonished them, and indeed he did admonish them, but not as he ought; but from unwillingness to give them pain he destroyed both himself and them. Hear this, ye fathers, bring your children up with great, great care in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Youth is wild, and requires many governors, teachers, directors, attendants, and tutors; and after all these, it is a happiness if it be restrained. For as a horse not broken in, or a wild beast untamed, such is youth. But if from the beginning, from the earliest age, we fix in it good rules, much pains will not be required afterwards; for good habits formed will be for them as a law. Let us not suffer them to do anything which is agreeable but injurious; nor let us indulge them as being but children....Let us admonish them. Let us employ sometimes advice, sometimes warnings, sometimes threatening. In children we have a great charge committed to us. Let us bestow great care upon them, and do everything that the Evil One may not rob us of them. St. John Chrysostom (354-407)